Each Relationship matters!

Hello Everyone, as some of you know last year I had the privilege of becoming a mom; a desire and a goal that I had had since my childhood; as a new mom, now I have a life with many new experiences ahead of my beloved Landon Kade.

Landon Kade is 15 months old now, He loves to laugh with everyone, eat avocado, say “tata” and go for a ride to the park; I love to be his mom, it is a huge privilege to have the opportunity to give him all the best of me every day.

I’ve seen him grow very fast and all that me and my husband Hugo want for him is to become a good man, get a good education that allows him to develop his talents, be self-sufficient and serve others; as part of our religion believes we also desire him to serve a mission of proselytism when he has 18 years old (mission that He must pay for), one day to have a beautiful family and of course I want to be with him by his side in every step he gives.

One important thing my husband and I decided to do since he was born in order to help him archive all these goals was to create a saving plan for him; looking for the right bank to open a saving account was one of our first steps in this plan, for us it was important to partner with one that values relationships; after looking some options we found one that offer us the best in saving plans; now we feel prepared and confident for the future.

By now, I feel I’m doing the best for the future of my Landon Kade and I’m enjoying every stage of him, He and I have been creating a strong and beautiful relationship throughout these first months and I love that; and by the way, I’m waiting anxiously the day He gives his first steps, I think that will be my best Christmas present this year.

Special thanks to Rockland Trust bank for sponsoring this post, they are a community bank located in Massachusetts and Rhode Island where each relationship matters; Follow Rockland Trust on Facebook and Instagram to know more about them.

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  1. Los Arys | 17th Dec 17

    Pero que fotos más bonitas nos has compartido hoy! Nos encanta tu blog y la forma que tienes de expresar tantos sentimientos en los párrafos!! Buena semana

  2. Britangelica | 17th Dec 17

    So beautiful! You must show us his first steps.

  3. Stephanny | 19th Dec 17

    I loved this post! You can’t be more cute! Love it 💕

    Las invito a mi utopía 💗

  4. Jen | 19th Dec 17

    Omg the cutest photos! Loved your post ♥

  5. El Rincón de Rachel | 19th Dec 17

    ¡Qué maravilla de fotos! Estáis los dos preciosos. Me encanta que compartas tus experiencias de maternidad con nosotros. ¡Besitos!

  6. Luisanna from My Outfit RD | 19th Dec 17

    Hermosa sesión de fotos con tu bebe. El rojo es mi color preferido.

  7. marcy | 19th Dec 17

    OMG que belleza de fotos nena super cute!! Tienes un bebe hermoso y te mando mis mejores bendiciones. Ame leer tu post


  8. Pinnahana | 20th Dec 17

    Madre mía cómo ha crecido!! Estáis guapísimos los dos a conjunto siempre 💕💕


    Me inspiraste para mi próxima sesión de fotos!!

  10. Yaimar Pérez | 21st Dec 17

    Qué fotos tan bellas Gaby! Me encantaron todas. Como está de grande tu pequeño. Dios lo bendiga!

    Yaimar Pérez

  11. Mayra A. | 21st Dec 17

    Que enorme bendición el ser madre de un niño tan precioso. Están increíbles las fotografías

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